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About This Project

Dolibarr erp / crm is a complete management software for small businesses, cooperatives and professionals, but often due to the great diversity between the operating methods of the companies it is necessary to adapt Dolibarr to the needs, to the managerial peculiarities of a company. Sometimes the goal is achieved by creating ad hoc modules, other times a real “remodeling” of the management system is required with direct interventions on the code by modifying it, sometimes profoundly.

Below we list the changes made for customers who were unable to use the program without specific adjustments, some are modules, others, most of them actually, real customized versions of the original program:
Dolibarr 3.0

Cost center We have included the concept of cost center within the application allowing greater control of the economic accounts by sector of activity. Each movement can therefore be associated with a cost center, obtaining a detailed view for each business segment.

Forecasting We have created a module that allows you to check the deviation of the Budget from the final balance. The quarterly income and expense forecasts are compiled in a specific form and the software aggregates the income and expenses by comparing them with our forecasts and presenting the variance per month and YTD (Year to Date) both in percentage and in absolute terms .
In association with the implementation of cost centers, it allows the controls described for each business segment.

Mailing list We have improved the functions of creating mailing lists by implementing filters aimed at a greater focus on the recipients of the awareness campaigns, making it possible to select all donors or even by age, sex, amount of past donations. In addition we have implemented the possibility to export the selected contacts with a click (CSV) in case you prefer to proceed with a more traditionally paper campaign.

Donations We have modified the receipt of donations allowing the immediate writing of the amount in transactions simply by choosing which bank account or bank the donation has reached.

Dolibarr 3.4

Representation: We have implemented the accounting of sales commissions and the related control functions on the payments of our customers to the representatives and the possibility of managing multiple deliveries for the same order by tracking the collections for each invoice. We have also inserted several filters to control shipments, payments and items in order to be shipped, delivered, paid for, to be paid.

Dolibarr 3.4 – 3.5

Summary Invoicing Implementation that allows you to choose the DDT to be invoiced for a given period per customer. Eg. Monthly billing per customer.

Dolibarr 3.6

GAS Management (Solidarity Purchase Groups) This module allows you to define the specific order of each individual GAS component within the overall order. It also produces an aggregate of quantity of products, selecting them by delivery date, allowing to know precisely and in advance the crop to be developed.

Dolibarr 3.7

Social projects management Module developed for a cooperative in Naples, allows the management of educational and social reintegration projects. The database has been entirely reworked in accordance with the requests of the Campania region and each project has a chat in which the various professionals involved can leave messages to colleagues.

Multiservice management This version of Dolibarr was created for a company that offers services to tourism operators, small hotels, B & Bs, holiday homes, etc. It allows you to transform an event on the agenda into a billable item, creating a direct connection between the actions of the employees of the various services and the enhancement of the work carried out. Everything is controlled by a special dashboard where the actions carried out are listed and are billed directly to the customer selected from a list. In addition, the management of the warehouses has been modified (connecting them directly to the users) in order to have the stocks of the items entrusted to customers in real time, based on the movements.

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Implementazioni su Dolibarr erp/crm

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