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We develop web-based applications using and integrating solid and reliable modern technologies.

The integrated management of the production process is of strategic importance for companies.

On the market you can easily find fairly generic software with a cost of less than a few hundred euros but in the vast majority of cases, such software is designed to cover only the needs of a particular category of user, and could not be otherwise given the extreme fragmentation of the small and medium-sized Italian enterprise with the consequent marked specialization of each production unit.

Designing and developing new software on commission has now become a necessity of vital importance, since it is rarely possible to find on the market an application that is fully compatible with one’s needs.

We can carry out projects in a professional way without the need to incur high costs due to our structure calibrated to be extremely lean, optimized and functional.

Unlike other software houses, we are not specialized in a single specific sector but over time we have directed our interests towards different environments and therefore there are different types of software that we are able to develop with mutual profit and satisfaction: management, internet solutions web-based, client / server solutions, etc …

We work to achieve the result by sharing our experiences with the customer by offering a “tailor-made” system, customizing the intervention to obtain the most suitable solution for the business situation and to meet the specific needs of each structure.

We offer web-based applications, also in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) for the management and remote control of strategic business flows.

We have developed management modules in the following sectors:

  • Control of orders
  • Credit recovery management
  • Fundraising management (Dolibarr)
  • Image-banking