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Acronym (search engine marketing) which indicates the set of strategic promotional activities, carried out on search engines, to generate valuable traffic to the website.

the immediate promotion of a website through effective online advertising campaigns. the definition of direct response or branding objectives to obtain the maximum return on investment (ROI)

The SEM activities carried out by Linx for the realization of effective web marketing campaigns follow three fundamental phases: the study of the target audience, the identification of the keywords most used by the user to search for the product or service he is interested in. and the planning of marketing activities that can be carried out on the basis of the budget made available.

The ultimate goal is to obtain the maximum return from the investment, in the case of web marketing, motivated traffic to the website.

An extremely valid promotion method, because it offers the possibility of contacting truly interested users, when they are looking for the information they need to make a purchase.

In detail, the SEM (search engine marketing) activities proposed by Linx for the realization of a good promotion campaign:

Web Marketing Planning

Definition of the cost / contact at the bare minimum and in-depth study of the objectives / results to be achieved. The approach is based on an analysis of media planning, on the selection and management of advertising circuits and on meticulous budget management. The service offered by Linx includes web marketing consultancy and the analysis of the results of the activities.

Online media planning

The targeted selection of online advertising circuits, industry portals and high-traffic web magazines for budgeting and distribution among the various circuits so that the advertising campaign gets good coverage and a good return with the minimum investment.

Pay per click

The use of sponsored ads in pay per click (PPC) mode in the Google AdWords and Facebook Ad circuits which will allow for a targeted and personalized online marketing action for which the cost per contact will be calculated with a test budget to be allocated directly to the advertising circuits.

Lead generation on performance

Lead Generation is the activity of acquiring qualified contacts and references of potential customers.

Based on all dissemination opportunities such as newsletters, announcements, pay per click, social media marketing, etc.