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The scheduling module for Dolibarr completes the cash flow accounting forecasting part of the business. It replaces dolibarr’s scheduled operations with a more advanced system that implements the instalment payments entered in active and passive invoices.
The scheduler module modifies the input of payment methods, allowing both automatic and manual generation of invoice payment instalments, e.g. entering a 30/60/90 day payment will divide the invoice amount into three and generate the corresponding payments, which will be entered in the scheduler. The result will be a complete and reliable cash flow planning and by filtering by date the results will also be more orderly and readable.

Note for Italy: Working in synergy with our e-Invoicing module, you achieve maximum optimisation of implementations by being able to generate the electronic invoice with the instalments on the invoice. The same applies to passive invoices as it is able to read the xml of the supplier invoice and insert any instalments in the schedule.
We believe that the schedule module is the right complement to the e-Invoicing module, completing even those cases not covered by Dolibarr itself.