S.E.O. – Search Engine Optimization
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Optimize the website to improve search engine rankings.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main phase of any promotion campaign and web marketing strategy based on search engines which includes all those fundamental processes aimed at making a website “attractive” to search engines, and above all to most used engine: Google.

The SEO optimization of a website is a fundamental process in continuous evolution that develops and changes based on the logic of the engines of and the problems connected to them.

Despite the continuous change / update of SEO techniques (dictated by changes in search engines) we can identify the following three, the main phases of the SEO optimization process:

Analysis of the entire website.

In the website analysis phase, the entire structure and individual pages of the website to be optimized are studied, the Markup language used, the contents, the accessibility of the pages themselves; in short, all the parameters of the site and of the individual web pages are evaluated in relation to the customer’s requests.

At the end, a document will be produced containing the results of the site analysis with indications relating to:

Server and hosting technology.

Programming language used.

Evaluation and proposals about the contents.

Search keys (keyword).

SEO situation of the Competitors.

Marketing campaign forecast.

Modification of the Website (Optimization).

Starting from the results of the website analysis, the priority operations to be carried out will be agreed with the customer, and all the above points will then be developed later.

First of all, the hosting aspect will be evaluated, and if necessary improved.

This operation has the purpose of being able to make the most of the parameters that affect the interpretation and compression (server side) of the web pages, in order to obtain highly accessible resources from search engines and a good PAGE SPEED.

We analyze the programming language used for the creation of the website, the MarkUp of the same, focusing on what are the fundamental tags that determine a good SEO structure and then move on to what is one of the most difficult and important phases: the content analysis.

Content analysis and improvement is one of the fundamental and most impactful SEO operations. The contents, if well optimized in terms of SEO, are one of the fundamental factors for ranking in the top results (SERP) of Google.

It is a truth that any WEB COPY and WEB SEO know.

We then proceed to the evaluation and generation of keywords (KEYWORDS) more effective and relevant to the achievement of the customer’s objective (increase in visits, product sales, brand diffusion, etc.).

The choice of keywords is a particularly delicate operation that affects the outcome of the entire optimization, and for this reason it must be carried out avoiding the choice of terms that are too general, too elaborate or still not relevant to the services offered. Only the experience and professionalism of a good SEO guarantees you the choice of the most suitable terms: those terms that represent the best compromise between the number of searches carried out by users, and the expectations of positioning at the top of the results.

Optimizing a site for keywords that are not relevant or too competitive is an operation that is not very profitable if not completely useless, so it is important to rely on the hands of those with SEO experience and expertise.

Only after a careful and in-depth analysis of the Competitors will a further Web Marketing operation be evaluated.

Analysis and maintenance of the results obtained.

After having published the new version of the website appropriately modified and expanded according to the points described, it is necessary to wait for the engines to “digest” and “position” the new website in the search results.

Generally, for niche sectors, 3 months may be enough to obtain the new positioning, in most cases at least 6 months are required, when instead one operates in highly competitive sectors even 12 months.

Once the new positioning has been obtained, we constantly monitor the results obtained by operating on the basis of the logic of analysis of search engines and their evolutions with the help of specific SEO tools in order to be able to intervene appropriately and promptly when necessary.

On the internet, if you are not visible you do not exist!