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In the online world we are always around the corner.

We create from the institutional site to the portal for the provision of services via the Web, studying the design, construction, optimization and future management considering:

a design of the engine friendly pages, optimizing the code so that the search engines correctly index the site in their archives;

analysis of the usability of the site, access to content, navigability

the inclusion of procedures capable of making the site “alive” (call to action) and useful for both you and your customers, creating content management areas through which to update the dynamic areas of the site.

Summing up:

  • Websites for professionals – small and medium-sized enterprises – large companies
  • Presentation of activities and services, integration with company information and logistics systems;
  • Interactive catalogs, e-commerce solutions for telematic sales, interface for connection with the most popular on-line payment systems (PayPal, credit cards), management of shipments;
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) or applications that, through simple and intuitive web interfaces, allow users without special technical knowledge to manage the contents of their website in total autonomy;