Woo2Doli Module/Plugin
plugin woocommerce wordpress che integra il negozio woocommerce col gestionale dolibarr erp/crm
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Woo2Doli Module/Plugin

Woo2doli is a new module that synchronizes your Woocommerce store with the Dolibarr erp / crm management software via API. Connections via API guarantee connection security and speed.
The aim of the plugin is to transfer the orders that are generated on the e-commerce platform into dolibarr to allow management, shipping and billing.
To achieve this it is necessary that the products and customers are recognized by the two platforms and this is the work that the plugin does.
Woo2Doli through heuristic functions compares the names of the products and the names of the customers residing in the two platforms and by attributing the percentage of similarity establishes their uniqueness and correspondence.
The woo2doli plugin can encounter two different situations, one with the two platforms just installed, products to be created, no woocommerce customers and no orders. In this case, just add the products to woocommerce and the plugin will copy them to dolibarr and pair them without further action.
If, on the other hand, the plugin is installed with the two platforms already operational, which is much more likely, it is necessary to pair the products and customers already existing in the two platforms to allow dolibarr to recognize the elements present in the customer orders generated in woocommerce. Since the sales process is managed by woocommerce it is necessary to create the products in wordpress, the module will take care of transferring them to dolibarr respecting all the product settings. Customers who register on the e-commerce site will be transferred to dolibarr as third parties / customers but we can of course also create a customer on wordpress and the module copies it to dolibarr, if a customer enters a destination other than the billing one, a contact “shipping” on the customer dolibarr in order to easily manage shipments.
All this greatly simplifies the management of sales in terms of billing and invoicing, economic reports, customer records.
Warehouse stock management
The management of product stocks is carried out through two interactions: a cron that every hour checks the stocks of the products on dolibarr, reporting the changes on woocommerce but also with a further control that reads the dolibarr stocks when the product is placed in the cart.
Management of variable products
Both woocommerce and dolibarr allow the creation of variable products, this makes it possible to manage this type of article by transferring it from one platform to another. The substantial difference is that while on woocommerce each derivative product has its own price assigned on dolibarr, the price of a derivative product is given by an absolute or percentage difference with the price of the base product. This peculiarity makes it necessary to set the price of the base product on woocommerce to 0, otherwise this will be added to the price of the derivative product on Dolibarr.
Management of product categories
The management of the product categories is optional, if activated they are managed so that those of woocommerce DO NOT replace those, possibly different, of dolibarr but added to them.
Compatibility with other modules and plugins
The woo2doli plugin is compatible with the Dolibarr multicompany module
The woo2doli plugin is compatible with the most used language translator on woocommerce, WPML. (multilingual wordpress)
Once the coupling operations between products and customers already existing in the platforms have been carried out, the functioning of the module is completely automatic, every product that is created on wordpress will be copied to dolibarr and every customer who makes a registration on wordpress will be transferred to dolibarr, of course the orders collected by woocommerce will also be transferred to dolibarr.

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