Modules for Dolibarr erp/crm
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The new module for electronic invoicing brings several improvements compared to the previous module, in detail:
Check the compliance of the electronic invoice generated by detecting any missing fields and reporting the error with an alert pop-up
The Tax Regime field has been moved to the form settings thus avoiding having to select it for each invoice.
The default values ​​of the mandatory fields have been enabled in this way dolibarr offers us the values ​​usually used in invoices avoiding having to select them every time.
In addition, the text / html filter has been definitively improved, obtaining a more correct interpretation of special characters.
Generate an invoice file in XML format for Italian electronic invoicing effective from 01 January 2019

Import of supplier invoices with xml and p7m file format

For invoices without VAT, all the most commonly used regulatory references have been coded with the automatic selection of the nature of the exemption

Split payment and reverse charge management



The new ProjectPro module allows the control of project costs up to the single invoice line of a supplier, in fact we can also divide the subtotal of a single invoice line by attributing the desired amount to a single project or to all the projects involved. example we buy cement to allocate it to three different construction sites (associated with a project) we will divide the single amount of the supplier line relating to the cement on the costs of the projects involved.In this way we will obtain an almost total control over the project costs, which at present of Dolibarr, on the other hand, we can only check the level of an entire invoice.



This practical module allows you to generate a shipment to a supplier, in practice it exceeds the Dolibarr limit which generates shipments only to customers through the order. Very useful for all those companies that operate in the transformation by sending goods to subcontractors.

It has a very useful function for those who use composite products, if you want to send some products for transformation we will not need to know by heart the list of all the products that make up the “parent” product, just select the one to see all in the shipping tab the products that compose it.



This module calculates the costs of the products in a customer order and in case of a composite product splits the costs of each single component product. It is possible to add extra fields to add implicit costs therefore not present on the products in order.