El.Fin Interactive Railway Electrification
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Nome Progetto

El.Fin Elettrificazione Ferroviaria INterattiva

About This Project

Interactive railway electrification is a program conceived for the development of electrification plans for the electric traction in the section. The primary objective of the application is to significantly reduce the time required for the design of an electrification plan by relieving the designer of the vast majority of repetitive operations such as drawings, research on standard tables and verification calculations, facilitating the insertion of data both in graphic and numerical form while maintaining full control over the development of the project, while leaving the possibility to consciously make any design choice even outside the rules defined in the software configuration. These violations are highlighted to capture the designer’s attention on the objects on which his intervention or the awareness of crossing a non-standard situation will be necessary. It is based on and respects all the standards currently in use in the design of railway electrification plans of traditional contact lines.

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